Tattoos Transform #Mastectomy Scars into Art

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The month of October is Pink… everywhere we look… pink for Breast Cancer Awareness. Amidst the campaigns for awareness there exists an organization that helps to transform the angry, painful scars left post-mastectomy into beautiful, empowering works of art on the survivors who opt for them. Simply stated, Personal Ink – P.INK’s tattoos transform mastectomy scars into art.

Tattoos Transform Mastectomy Scars into ArtOn October 21, 2013, P.INK is tattooing 10 beautiful breast cancer survivors at the P.INK Day 2013 event in NYC. One survivor, Chérie, of the L’idiot Blog de Chérie, has been offered the opportunity to be included among these brave women. To say this is a wonderful opportunity and a blessing would be an understatement.

In her own words:

“I’ve learned to actively ignore my ugly scars. But, if the tattoos turned out right? It would allow me a daily visual sense of peace again. I’d get to gaze upon beautiful artistic closure to the one and only thing I’ve found as being “ugly” and unresolved in my Survivor journey — the angry looking mastectomy scar lines that span nearly the entire width of my new perky ample bosoms…

Other than the scars though? Everything else has truly been a blessing in this life-changing journey, that of breast cancer and as a Survivor. So much good came out of the journey. The love and support of my loved ones and discovering that I’m a writer. All forever treasured within my consciousness.”

taken from Chérie’s post Coincidental Procedural Closure

While P.INK has been busy raising funds to cover the costs of the tattoos, bringing in a team of extremely talented tattoo artists to help make these dreams come true, some of the survivor tattoo recipients are feeling the financial crunch that a good many of us understand, all too well. To help offset travel and hotel expenses, a couple have even begun fundraising efforts. Our survivor, Chérie, is one of those women. On a fixed income, she hasn’t had the time to rework her budget to absorb the cost of getting to P.INK Day 2013.

We want to help this incredible woman get her story out, help her raise funds and get her to NYC on the 21st, thus bringing her closer to celebratory closure in her journey as a breast cancer survivor. Help a fellow blogger, amazing writer and audacious survivor get to P.INK Day 2013!! Any donation will be appreciated, I can assure you!

Donate to Chérie’s Road to Celebratory Closure. To learn more about her journey, stop by her blog to say hello and follow L’idiot Blog on Facebook.


For more information about P.INK, visit Personal Ink – P.INK online and follow them on Facebook. Be sure to follow SAVED TATTOO, the tattoo shop participating in this fabulous event!



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