Size Chunkamonk, Please?

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Lil Man, 10 years old tomorrow, has always been slender. So much so, that we have always had a hard time finding him pants to wear that would be slim enough in the waist, yet long enough in the leg. Even a slim size in jeans didn’t always cut it. Long legs, small waist, not always fun to fit, my husband who is built the same way would agree.

Shorts, never a problem. With the cut of shorts these days, carpenter shorts, skater shorts… they are longer. So he can wear last year’s shorts for two years, usually. Sometimes a bit more. His legs get longer, but his waist gets no thicker.

And all of that was true up until about 4 months ago. My skinny boy has hit some sort of growth spurt, one we have not ever seen the likes of with him. Usually he just sprouts up. This time it’s up and out, just a bit.

This morning, looking for a pair of jeans to match a specific t-shirt, I was stuck with a pair of 10 slims. Yeah, not going to be fun, because this kid has chunked up in the last few months. Now, when I say chunk, I mean chunk for Lil Man. He is now a normal size kid.

But as I tried to squeeze him into I giggled (to myself) at his full bottom and normal sized tummy. What has happened to my skinny boy? I told him and his dad, I think we “need a pair of jeans in a 10 chunkamonk”. Then I looked at the length and corrected myself, “No, maybe a 12 with a little bit of chunkamonk.”

Teasing me back, my husband asked, “Do they make a 10 or 12 chunkamonk?”

“Well, if they don’t, Lil Man may have to go around in his underwear.”

Lil Man roared in laughter. Something about underwear and anything related makes boys, of all ages I might add, laugh. Silly, silly boys.

Anyone know where I can find jeans in a chunkamonk size?


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