Do You Have Your Prepper Supplies?

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When I was asked to write for Naturally Frugalicious I thought to myself, “What do I possibly know that others could find useful?”  Superstorm Sandy helped put my everyday life into perspective and I could see how some of my everyday frugality, upcycling and well laid plans could be shared with others.  My husband and I are “preppers”.  Preppers- as in preparedness, not khakis and penny loafers.  And so that had me wondering if writing from that perspective would be a good fit for this blog. With that said, I pose the question to you, do you have YOUR prepper supplies?

Everyday Prepper Supplies

We are not the most extreme preppers but we have made a point of identifying some common,  could happen any old day but are catastrophic events that could throw our lives into upheaval. These events are not always invading armies, rogue governments, or the ever popular zombie apocalypse. More often these events are bad weather or bad accidents that interrupt the entrance of products and sustenance in our lives. Think storm, power outage, unexpected financial hardship and the other things we hear about on the news every year. Every year we hear about people being without power for 3 days or 7 days or even 10 days.

Do you have everything you could possibly need for a week or more in your home right now with no need for replenishment? Do you have any prepper supplies in place? For most people the answer to those questions are no. For me, I await the challenge.

How can you face the challenge head on? Think about what you need to survive a week or more with no electricity. What are your dietary needs? In an emergency situation healthy, well balanced meals are a luxury. Getting enough calories and not being hungry are the order of the day. The first day or two you can easily consume all of the fresh and quickly defrosting groceries in a home.  But after that what do you do?

Prepper Supplies Planning

Prepper SuppliesMy planning in this regard includes pancake mix that requires only water (Great Value brand has many flavors and is inexpensive), canned goods, bottled water (plan for several gallons per day per person), peanut butter, beans, rice, cup of soups, dried fruits, nuts, etc.  Basically, the rule of thumb being anything you really would eat on any other day but which you don’t need anything more than a gas stove or a grill to prepare- no electricity required.  Prepare the emergency menu with the understanding that you may only have water at your disposal.  We also have multivitamins on hand to ensure healthy vitamin and mineral intake.  The one caveat to this list is bread, we always have a couple loaves in the freezer.  Frozen bread isn’t the best, but you can use the fresh up while the frozen defrosts and then move onto the frozen thereby ensuring sandwiches for at least a week.

Having these prepper supplies in place can also stretch a strained family grocery budget by two or three times. They can even replace the household menu for a week or more if a financial emergency prevents grocery shopping entirely. The great thing is everything in the list is rather inexpensive- with the possible exception of dried fruits and nuts. But as anyone in a family can tell you fruits and nuts are costly and even dramatic but they are important in their own ways. Most of the items can also be used together in different ways to create a wide variety of menu options.

One little side note- comfort and mental health are so important in stressful situations and should always be taken into account when planning out your prepper supplies. Two of the most abundant items in our “preps” are hot cocoa and tea (again both can be made with water- though cocoa is so much better with milk). The hot cocoa is for the children and the tea is for me. These simple comforts may make all the difference in the world. Or they may not, but they will also provide a tasty alternative to drinking only water for a week or more.

There is so much more to share- about food, but also about all the other aspects as well- heat, electricity, security, communications, emergency medicine, etc.  Maybe I’ll be invited back, maybe I’ll be edited all to heck- either way, I’m prepared and have my prepper supplies- do you?


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  1. great intro to emergency prep! looking forward to seeing more guest posts from this author!
    jayedee recently posted..It’s Job Action Day!My Profile

  2. My hubby and I are just now getting into prepping, and for my part… the food and personal care supplies, wasn’t really sure where to start. Thanks
    Amanda recently posted..Glass Straws ReviewMy Profile

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